At the forefront of technology
for half a century

Age doesn’t matter, some say. We say it proves how good we are at what we do. For half a century, we have been one of the leading specialists in advanced packaging and handling systems, constantly pushing the limits to what is technologically possible.

Rely on us – also in the long term
Since our establishment in 1968, we have developed, produced and installed more than 500 complete installations and machines all over the world. In fact, one of the very first solutions we ever installed – at a Danish film production company in 1968 – is still running three shifts a day after 50 years of service.

Minimizing costs and downtime
This is something we are proud of, especially because solution durability has always been one of our chief virtues and selling points, minimizing upkeep costs and downtime both in the short and long term. And we believe it is the main reason why we are still here after half a century – stronger than ever.



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