C&H System A/S is a privately owned company, which was established in 1968 when Børge Christensen and Hans Hansen, both engineers, founded their own company offering tailored transportation and packaging of industrial products.
Over the sixties and seventies, C&H System supplied a large amount of special built machines for the cement industry.
In 1989 C&H System supplied the first 2 axis gantry robot to Tetra Pak Australia.
In 1990 Børge Christensen left the company. P.K. Jeppesen (www.pkj.dk) bought 51% of the shares. The remaining 49% was held by Hans Hansen. 

In 1993 C&H System supplied the first fully automated complete "end of line system" to Tetra Pak in Lund, consisting of both gantry- and industrial robots, packaging machines, bar code controls, labelling equipment and conveyor systems. This delivery has since then been used as reference for several other Tetra Pak plants all over the world.


In 2002 Hans Hansen retired, and Poul J. Larsen was appointed managing director.
In 2003 C&H System introduces Siemens servo drives on gantry robots.
In 2005 C&H System introduces toothed belt drives on the large gantry robots, in order to reduce noise, increase travel speed, and elliminate oil spillings on products. 
In 2006 P.K. Jeppesen aquired the remaining 49% of the shares.
In 2007 C&H System becomes a Kuka industrial robot system partner.
In 2008 C&H System becomes an Atab AGV system partner.
In 2008 a change of generations has been initiated.
Sales director John Thrane Nielsen, and Sales Manager Christian Weinreich have made an agreement with P.K. Jeppesen about acquisition of the company shares gradually over a period of 5 years.
In 2013 The change of generations was finished.
John Thrane Nielsen and Christian Weinreich acquired the remaining stocks from P.K. Jeppesen

In 2013 Industriudvikling acquired 33% of the stocks 
For over 45 years C&H SYSTEM A/S has developed, manufactured and delivered more than 500 complete installations and machines all over the world.