Industrial Robots

Industrial Robots

The above application is designed for palletizing large paper reels, weighing up to 350 kg, with a diameter up to 1250 mm.
The robot receives pick up information from a combined vision system/laser distance meassure unit, which provides information regarding reel diamater, reel height and core position coordinates.
The robot is a 450 kg heavy payload Kuka palletizing robot, being part of a 9-axis kinematic system. The robot is equipped with a C&H servo gripper.
The Vision system is based on a PPT high resolution camera.














Palletizing card board boxes


In co-operation with our client, Danapak, C&H System has developed a full automatic robot system for palletizing and packing of their various products. As specialists C&H System A/S constructed this plant to sort and palletize the products automatically via a PC-based production planning system. The control allows you to choose between different functions, and at the same time it works as a monitoring system for the operator.








Via a common infeed conveyor the various products are transported and palletized. A specially built robot with gripp places the various products on pallets, according to the pre-selected pallet pattern and the dimension of the product. The Danapak system can operate with up to 25 different pallet patterns and up to 200 different carton sizes. The robots are automatically handling the products, the empty pallets and divider sheets by the specially built gripping tool.

The loaded pallets are then transported automatically to a band strapper for sleeve wrapping the pallet with band, tightening and welding. The pallet moves on to a turntable for film wrapping, dust- or waterproof - untouched by human hands. After wrapping the pallets move to automatic outfeed ready for pick up by truck.