Having everything under one roof
makes all the difference

What makes us so different from our competitors? First and foremost, our determination to have everything we need in-house. This means we have an in-house design department, an in-house assembly workshop as well as an in-house testing team, so we can provide smarter solutions and hassle-free implementation.

Experts working side by side

Most of our employees are technicians and engineers. They work side by side and cover a variety of specialties, from metalwork and electrical work to 3D simulation and software engineering. In other words, we have all the know-how on hand, when we need it … and when you need it.

In-house assembly workshop

We have many different in-house units. However, at the heart of everything is our assembly workshop where we assemble your entire system and test every last bolt before installation. This ensures speedy installation and trouble-free commissioning under the expert supervision of our many specialists.

Focus on safety of machinery

We have our own team of technical specialists responsible for performing safety evaluations and risk assessments on our machines and solutions. This means we can guarantee that all our deliverables comply with applicable international safety regulations as well as current CE Marking principles.