Reel handling

Reel Handling, Tetra Pak



When the large Swedish manufacturer of cartons for the beverage industry, Tetra Pak in Lund, had a specific wish to make their material handling effective, C&H System A/S met the challenge and constructed a large turn-key system which today is used as a reference system against all other Tetra Pak factories all over the world.

The development of gantry robots for large reels has since then resulted in material handling systems at many Tetra Pak factories all over the world. For more than 30 years C&H System A/S has been supplier of material handling systems to the Tetra Pak Group..







The system at Tetra Pak in Lund is automatically controlled via computer, and the purpose of the system is to handle and palletize carton reels for juice and milk cartons a.o.

Initially the factory computer automatically transfers details of a new order. The order details are product data, number of reels per pallet, packing alternatives etc.










The system can operate with up to 25 different orders at the same time, even if the reels have different dimensions, weight etc., as the system identifies each individual reel based on a barcode label.

The reels, holding a weight of up to 350 kgs., are placed on pallets by the robots in a way that optimum stability is reached. The loaded pallets pass through a combined wrapping/shrinking machine for wrapping and heat shrinking.








The film sealed pallets with the right reels are now ready for delivery to Tetra Pak's customers, and they are of course provided with pallet labels giving 100% identification of contents and history.