Renewable energy
For biomass systems, please visit the dedicated web-site of our daughter company Processbio A/S:

Processbio A/S supplies complete materials handling systems for all sorts of baled biomass. (Squared bales), such as straw bales, cornstalk bales, prairie grass bales etc.
Known applications: Power plants, District heating plants, Second generation (next generation) bio-ethanol plants, Biofibre board plants, Animal bedding ect.
Our solutions begins with registration of incoming material to the plant by means of smart cards, RFID´s or magnetic cards. Parameters as supplier (farmer), weight and moisture content is logged.
The bales are automatically picked up on the truck, by means of an automatic robot crane, equipped with individual torque controlled electro-hydraulic grippers.
The crane is equipped with a lateral sledge, which makes it possible to grip one complete layer of bales situated on the truck it self and on the trailer in one go. (12 bales at a time)
After pick up, the sledge is activated, in order to let the bales stand closely against each other, before they are placed in the bale storage.
Position of the bales is controlled by means of an advanced so called "chaotic warehouse management system", which logs all of the above mentioned parameters.
When the process equipment calls for bales, the control system decides which bales should be processed first (partial First In First Out principle). The robotic crane picks up the bales, and places them on the receiver table.
The C&H System concept is based on the use of large overhead high speed gantry robots on the further conveying of bales into the area where the actual process starts.
A huge benefit of that solution is dramatically reduced costs, no steel constructions on the floor, easy cleaning, and no mechanical problems due to loose twines ending up in the conveyor drive systems.
As an option we are able to quote a more conventional solution with chain conveyors and angular transfers.
Our solutions include twine cutters, twine removers, fire protection conveyors inclusive of automatic fire doors, bale breakers, straw cutters and hammer mills.
On top of that we are able to supply our advanced SCADA system, for perfect overview and remote service of the system.
It is possible for the plant management to follow the process no matter if the management is in the actual plant, or if at home. The SCADA system is web-based.