Scada system

Scada system

C&H System strives to build intelligent materials handling systems, in order to make the daily production as easy and safe as possible for our customers. As a result of these thoughts, we are now able to supply one of the most advanced line control systems on the market. 


Line Setup:

The C&H Scada system takes care of all settings on the line equipment. All that has to be done at the start of production is to scan a bar code on the production order.

The C&H Scada system takes care of product traceabillity during production. 
Production stop logging:
The C&H scada system keeps track of all stops, no matter if they are caused by lack of material, human errors, machine errors or breaks. This gives the production management a good tool to gain productivity. (Normally it is possible to gain at least 8-10% productivity by using this tool).
Event log/remote service: 

The C&H Scada system makes world wide service much easier. Our skilled technicians are able to log onto your system at any time of the day. All events in the system are logged. This feature makes remote trouble shooting possible, thus getting your production up running in no time.
Service module: 
The C&H Scada system is provided with a service module. All components in the system is thoroughly monitored during production. (Time or cycle based, alternatively condition based if the sensor technology exists).
If a motor needs changing of oil, it shows up on the scada screen, an email is submitted to the servicemanager, and an email is submitted to C&H Systems service computer.
When the service is done (by the customer or by C&H Service), the service computer is reset.
Enhanced guarantee/up time guarantee: 

If you deside to purchase the scada system with your new equipment, and draw a service contract with C&H System, we are able to provide an uptime guarantee on your new equipment.
We are also able to prolong the guarantee time of the equipment.
Below is shown some screen dumps of the scada system