Keep your technology fit
for fight for years to come

When you choose to work with us, you can be sure that we are in it for the long haul. Not only does this mean that our systems are designed to last for decades in tough production environments, but also that our service solutions are perfectly adapted to your changing business needs, to keep your system running at full speed for many years to come.

Why a service agreement?

A service agreement is your guarantee that you will achieve your expected Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), even many years after the equipment has been installed.

What services are included?

A 24-hour hotline for immediate problem solving with our technical specialists, regular checkups to ensure your system meets all requirements and much more.

When is service relevant?

A service agreement makes perfect sense when you buy a system from us. However, many clients also benefit from our expertise to maintain their existing systems.

Physical service of equipment

System condition reports

Mechanical service

Software upgrades

Installed base reports

Electrical service

“We are the proud partner of the world’s biggest manufacturers of food packaging and insulation material.”

Engineering & consulting services

Production line layouts

Capacity analysis

FMEA analysis


Safety gap analysis