Innovative design for perfect flow

With perfect accuracy and repeatability, a gantry robot can handle

items weighing up to hundreds of kilos at high speed.

In addition, a gantry can be delivered with up to 3 motion

axis and for maximum capacity in tandem design.

Minimal maintenance

A gantry robot is among the most effective for high-speed

product handling on the market, while also offering the

utmost precision and repeatability.

With their streamlined design, gantry robots achieve greater

dynamic performance, shorter cycle times, and higher throughput.


Increases efficiency

Gantry robots are among the most effective for high-speed

product handling on the market – while also offering the utmost precision

and repeatability.

As a result, you achieve shorter cycle times and higher throughput.


Minimal maintenance

Thanks to the advanced and robust design, the gantry robots

have incredibly long maintenance intervals, with more manufacturing uptime,

high availability, and maximum energy efficiency.


Applications according to your needs

The robot can be supplied with a specially designed

gripper or a standard flange for installation of your own gripper.

The Gantry robot can be delivered as a standalone unit

or as an integral part of a complete material handling system.

Your guarantee of quality

A Gantry robot enables a wide range of different payload capacities, configurations,

and unique variants, ensuring optimal solutions for your application,

no matter how challenging the handling task.

3D simulation ensures the visibility of long-term development of

stock sizes and defines the bottlenecks in equipment and

up- or down-stream before installation.

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​Optimum Production Flow with the Robot Gantry Design


Up Your Efficiency Game with Gantry Robots

The Gabtry robot is designed to give your production flow a serious boost. Through a blend of speed, precision, and repeatability, this mechanism demonstrates a concrete step towards enhancing operational efficacy. The Gantry can handle items weighing up to hundreds of kilos and is available with up to 3 motion axes for tandem design flexibility, showcaseing a tangible flexibility in design, essential for tailored operational requirements.


Customization or Standardization? The Choice is Yours

The offer of both specially designed gripper and standard flange options exemplifies a thoughtful approach to the diverse needs within industrial settings. Our gantry robots can either stand-alone or integrate seamlessly into a complete material handling system. So, you have the freedom to choose what works best for you.


Modular Frame Design: Compact yet Robust

Space is often a constraint, but our modular frame design turns that challenge into an opportunity. The gantry is designed to offer smooth handling in 1 to +20 locations with a compact footprint and is space-efficient and functional. And let’s not forget that they virtually eliminate the risk of product damage.


Versatility Embodied: Alleviating Handling Bottlenecks

Handling bottlenecks, particularly concerning product size and stacking capabilities, pose significant operational hurdles. The Gantry Robots are engineered to navigate these challenges adeptly. With a capacity to handle a variety of product sizes, these robots present a durable solution, ensuring that bottlenecks become a narrative of the past and production capacity is propelled towards a higher echelon.

double gantry1
Bottom sheet feeder

Industries that benefits from a gantry robot

Food an beverage

Building Material


Tire Industry

Cable Industry

Plastics and rubber

Packing Materials

Foil Reel Handling

And many more…



  • Payload from 30 – 800 kg (higher on demand)
  • Tailormade to customer specifications
  • Speed X axis 2,5 m/s
  • Speed Y (3 axis) 2,5 m/s
  • Speed Z axis 1,5 m/s
  • Repeatability +/- 1 mm
  • Individual gripper design

Powerful and Flexible Gantry Robots with Minimal Maintenance


Exceptional Performance and Capacity: An Integrated Solution

The gantry robots are designed for high-speed product handling, all while offering incredible flexibility and precision. With their streamlined design, these powerhouses can deliver enhanced dynamic performance, shorter cycle times, and higher throughput.


Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Our solutions come in a wide range of payload capacities, configurations, and unique variants. This ensures we can continuously optimize a solution specifically for your unique application.


Built for the Long Haul

Thanks to their advanced and robust design, our gantry robots require minimal maintenance. That means you’re looking at extended intervals between servicing—maximizing your manufacturing uptime, availability, and energy efficiency.


With a Gantry, you’re getting a product that’s powerful and flexible and long-lasting. Our commitment to quality and innovation makes us a reliable, trustworthy choice for all your material handling needs.

Our expertise is your guarentee for quality


3D illustrations

3d dreawing in computer


In-house assembly

robot gantry 2 axis


Time scheduling



Spare parts service

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