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Automatic Palletizing of aseptic packaging products

Maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime


This Case Study describes one of our client´s achievements and increase in efficiency by optimizing the last stage of your production line with customized solutions for packing, stacking, and palletizing.

Most projects have several possible solutions, but it is possible to align the project, meet the client’s financial reality, and obtain a short return on investment for the business case by designing the most cost-effective solution.

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sleeve handling gantry storage
sleve handling storage

Ready for future demands while maximizing efficiency

The client is expanding with a whole new factory for a new product. The ambition for this factory was to reduce the footprint and ensure easy and safe access for the forklift and maintenance operators.

With the high level of automatization, the solution should only require a limited number of operators. Their role will be to supply consumables such as empty pallets to the pallet magazines, etc.


About our client

The client is a significant player in the aseptic packaging industry, primarily within food packaging. They have many years of experience and a high focus on high-quality solutions.


Needs & specification

The client needed help determining what machinery to implement in their new factory. They needed a supplier who could deliver within distinctive specifications, high documentation demands, and high hygienic requirements. They also needed a solution with the opportunity for further expansion if the markets keep growing.


“Double line palletizing unit for 12 products per minute”


CH System delivered an automatic handling system according to the client´s needs and specifications.

The solution was a complete new automatic double line palletizing unit. Each line has the capacity to palletize 12 products per minute.

After receiving the client’s aseptic products from the production lines, they are lifted to an elevated platform. This ensures access to the client’s important machinery for service and easy waste removal.

The product labels are scanned, so the control system knows the dimensions and palletizing pattern.

After scanning, the conveyors move the product to the pickup position to be palletized by the KUKA robot. The robot is equipped with a tailormade gripper for safe handling of the products.

After the pallet is fully palletized, a transfer shuttle moves the full pallet to the out-feed and then collects an empty pallet and replaces it.

The solution also contains three pallet magazines and a bottom sheet dispenser for different pallet sizes and materials.

The pallet is wrapped and labeled. Finally, an operator collects the finished pallet by forklift and drives it to storage.

sleeve handling gantry

“CH System is a company with high reliability and flexibility. They take their responsibility seriously”

– Client

robot gantry 2 axis
sleeve handling gantry empty1


The heart of the solution is the Kuka fast palletizing robot(s). They are ideal for rapidly stacking packs on pallets with utmost precision, repeatability, and short cycle times.

The specially developed programming system, MX Automation, allows the robot to be controlled from a PLC environment.

Consequently, the operators and the maintenance crew do not need traditional robot programming skills to interfere with the robot. In addition, many features are made adjustable from the HMI panels.


Future Proof

The solution can always be scaled and customized according to new customer needs.


Factory acceptance test

Prior to shipment, the solution was assembled mechanical and electrically at CH System. During a FAT, the entire system is tested with the client present. This ensures the solution is working properly according to the client’s specifications. With a FAT, the client will almost always save time and money because any issues can be addressed before the solution arrives at the client’s site.


With the new CH System solution installed, our client is now able to achieve;

Faster expansion of the plant when the market grows.

Possibility to upskill operators for higher efficiency.

No extra robot training needed for operators.

Shorter maintenance time saves money

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