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Transfer Shuttle for Safe and Efficient Transport of Large Objects

For transport mounted with powered one, two or three conveyors on top

A transfer shuttle is a reliable and versatile solution for transporting large objects between roller conveyors. Its use can help streamline material handling processes and improve productivity in various industries.

The shuttle consists of up to 3 pallet conveyors, one for full pallets and one or two for empty pallets. Pallet centering and bottom sheet clamp is installed on empty pallet conveyors.

It moves along the length of the roller conveyor to pick up or drop off items at designated locations. The platform may have forks, arms, or other attachments to secure and lift the items.

For palletizing applications is a transfer shuttle with 2 or even 3 conveyors mounted on top, ideal for removal of the palletized pallet and providing the empty pallet (with bottom sheet) for the palletizing – one of the shuttle conveyors transports the empty pallet to the palletizing position, and the other shuttle conveyor removes the finished palletized pallets.

Different shuttle designs are available depending upon the capacity, pallet size & weight. The shuttle can either be driven by wheel or belt.

The complete steel frame is designed for heavy duty application, long lifetime, and minimum maintenance and our standard range of conveyors can be mounted on top of the shuttle.

Several benefits of using a transfer shuttle to transport large objects between roller conveyors. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Increased Efficiency: Transfer shuttles can move quickly and efficiently between conveyor lines, reducing the time it takes to transport items. This can lead to higher throughput and productivity in manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing operations.
  • Improved Safety: Using a transfer shuttle can help reduce the risk of worker injury. Automating the movement of heavy or bulky items eliminates the need for manual lifting and handling, which can lead to strains, sprains, or other damages.
  • Flexibility: Transfer shuttles can be customized to fit specific material handling needs. They can be designed to handle a wide range of items, including those with unique shapes, sizes, or weights. This flexibility can reduce the need for additional equipment or manual handling.
  • Reduced Damage: Transfer shuttles can help prevent damage to products or equipment during transport. Providing a secure and stable platform for items minimizes the risk of items shifting or falling during transport.
  • Cost Savings: Using a transfer shuttle can help reduce labor costs and improve efficiency, resulting in cost savings over time. It can also help reduce the need for additional equipment or manual handling, leading to cost savings.
Transfer shuttle

Technical information


The below values apply to our standard conveyors. Variations and special designs are possible


Length 1 up to 30 meters
Width & height as standard
1.500 x 600 mm
Capacity typical for palletizing 60 pallets/hour
Shuttle speed wheel driven 0-0,9 m/sec
Shuttle speed belt driven 0-20 m/sec
Weight per standard
1.500 kg
Temperature Environment -20 / +50 °C
Adjustable height in mm ± 50
Motor (IE3/4)
SEW EuroDrive or Siemens
  • Steel structure is powder coated to the client color requirement
  • Energy-efficient gearmotors from SEW or Siemens depending upon client’s requirements
  • Any type of sensor or photocell can be mounted for start/stop.
  • Any type of communication with frequency inverter
  • The complete shuttle will have a Declaration of Incorporation of partly completed machinery
  • Bottom sheet clamping for empty pallet transport
  • Food safety version with lifetime greased bearing and smooth surface easy to clean.
  • Variable speed with frequency converter from SEW MoviMot or Siemens.
Special features

Side clamping for load securing, two conveyor levels.

transfer shuttle


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