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​From OEM Components to Turnkey Solutions: CH System Offers High-Quality Material Handling Solutions​

At CH System, we understand that the smooth flow of goods is critical to the efficiency of warehouses and transport areas. That’s why we offer a range of high-quality components and turnkey solutions to optimize your material flow, whether you need a single component or a complete system.

Our components are designed to meet exact customer needs and specifications or to meet standard requirements, ensuring optimal performance and durability. They can be easily integrated into your existing systems with straightforward installation and planning processes.

Our focus on quality and durability ensures that our components are low maintenance, which means you can rely on our machines for reliable performance with minimal downtime. We understand that the protection of valuable goods and the safety of workers are also essential, so our components are designed with these considerations in mind.

Trust CH System for efficient, reliable material flow solutions, from OEM components to turnkey systems.

Why choose conveyors? Discover the benefits of installing a conveyor system

Installing conveyors is a great way to improve workplace efficiency and your bottom line. Our advanced conveyors are used in various industries such as food, storage, building materials, biomass, medicine, etc. The advanced conveyors are designed to give you high reliability for maximum uptime and long maintenance intervals.

Conveyors can be added to your site and configured to best suit your transport and space requirements. They can be added to your current conveyor systems as a connection between various regions and require a straightforward installation and planning process.


When you Invest in conveyors, you invest in the future.

Our conveyor design is scalable in all dimensions and many special features are available. You can be sure that we do everything we can to fulfill your requirements, whether you need one or two conveyors or a complete material handling system.

  • Unlimited transport

Conveyors can be adapted to your existing buildings and offer unlimited loading and unloading opportunities. Conveyors can also be designed to transport across levels.

  • Total control of transportation

You have complete control over the speed, which can protect your product from damage during transport.

  • No need for an extra workforce

You get higher productivity when you can move your “hard-to-hire” workforce from simple repetitive tasks and use them as line operators instead. It will replace your employees’ workload, and you can reduce the repetitive and complex tasks for your employees. This reduces manual operator tasks and forklift transport and saves you money.

  • Adaptive

The many different conveyor types ensure a high degree of adaptability and flexibility, whether package handling, palletizing, or sorting.

  • Eliminate risks in the workplace

Installing conveyors creates a safer environment for your employees by eliminating the risks of handling heavy and awkward loads. Safer employees will also increase productivity and motivation, and your employees can do their jobs without being exposed to hazards that could injure them.

  • Increases quality and efficiency

Conveyors reduce the risk of human errors due to decreased manual workforce and palletizing errors.

  • Ready for the future

Installing conveyors is the best and most cost-effective option in the long run. The conveyors is highly adaptable, and with all the different system types, they can easily be adapted to various functions. This makes you ready for the future because if you need to improve your product range, it might mean expanding your business.

OEM Components

Roller conveyors

– with chain drive for heavy duty

Roller Conveyor with chain drive for heavy duty

Roller conveyors

– with V-belt drive

Roller Conveyors with V-belt drive

Belt conveyors

– for medium duty

Roller conveyors

– with chain drive for medium duty

Roller Conveyors with chain drive for medium duty

Chain conveyors

– for heavy duty

Chain conveyors for heavy duty

Plast Modular Belt

– conveyors for heavy duty

Plastic Modular Belt conveyors for heavy duty

Roller conveyors

– with timing belt drive

Roller Conveyors with timing belt drive

Chain conveyors

– for medium duty

Chain conveyors for Medium duty

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