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​We have delivered advanced handling and packaging systems to more than 500 production lines worldwide from Kenya to Korea – What matters, is what we do for our clients.

Our business includes a variety of industries, among other the food packaging industry, mineral wool handling and biomass handling.

At the forefront of technology for half a century

​Age doesn’t matter, some say. We say it proves how good we are at what we do. For half a century, we have been one of the leading specialists in advanced packaging and handling systems, constantly pushing the limits to what is technologically possible.

Rely on us – also in the long term

​Since our establishment in 1968, we have developed, produced, and installed more than 500 complete installations and machines all over the world. In fact, one of the very first solutions we ever installed – at a Danish film production company in 1968 – is still running three shifts a day after 50 years of service

Minimizing costs and downtime

​This is something we are proud of, especially because solution durability has always been one of our chief virtues and selling points, minimizing upkeep costs and downtime both in the short and long term. And we believe it is the main reason why we are still here after half a century – stronger than ever.

We are proud of our history

July 2023 - Qubiqa aquires all shares of CH System.

John Thrane Nielsen and Christian Weinreich joins the ownership group of Qubiqa and will continue to be a part of CH System.

Niels Frost Nielsen becomes CEO

Niels Frost Nielsen becomes CEO and

John Thrane becomes Group Director

First order

First order to Danapak Flexibles, Lamipak and SIG Combi bloc

Helle Høst Madsen enters as CEO

Helle Høst Madsen enters as CEO.

Elopak made their first order.

The subsidiary, Processbio A/S is formed

John Thrane Nielsen becomes CEO and Christian Weinreich becomes CTO.

Same year the subsidiary, ProcessBio A/S is formed, and first order executed.

Thrane & Weinreich ApS acquires remaining shares

Thrane & Weinreich ApS acquires the remaining shares in C&H System together with Industriudvikling (Dansk Ejerkapital).

Approved supplier to ROCKWOOL International

C&H System is approved as a supplier to ROCKWOOL International and their first order was made.

John Thrane Nielsen and Christian Weinreich enters

Thrane & Weinreich ApS acquires 25% of the shares in C&H System A/S and John Thrane Nielsen enter the company as CCO and Christian Weinreich enter as IT manager.

P.K. Jeppesen acquires remaining shares

P.K. Jeppesen acquires the remaining shares in C&H System A/S

Poul Larsen becomes CEO

C&H System is formed

Børge Christensen & Hans Hansen, C&H Engineering and C&H Machines are merged into C&H Systems A/S and all activities are relocated to current location.

First Gantry deliverd

P.K. Jeppesen buys majority share of C&H Systems A/S and Hans Hansen becomes CEO.

The first gantry robot was delivered to customer this year.

C&H Svendborg A/S is formed

C&H Svendborg A/S is created after the acquisition of E.T. Kier Maskinfabrik in Svendborg.

Trading company C&H Engineering A/S is formed

The trading company C&H Engineering A/S is created for administration and sales.

Relocate to Herlev, Denmark

The engineering and trading company Børge Christensen & Hans Hansen relocate from Bagsværd to Herlev, Denmark.

C&H Machines ApS is founded

C&H Machines ApS is founded and located in Næstved.

Later they relocate to the current location in Næstved.

Assembly department moved to Næstved, Denmark.

Assembly department is set up at Indre Vordingborgvej in Næstved. The design office remains in Bagsværd.

Relocate to Bagsværd, Denmark

To bring all employees together, Børge Christensen & Hans Hansen relocate from Smørum and Farum to Bagsværd. Poul Larsen enters the company as electrical engineer.

Relocate to Smørum, Denmark

Børge Christensen & Hans Hansen relocate from Hillerød to Smørum.

This year the first pallet shrink hooding machines were sold to customers in Sweden and USA and Tetra Pak made their first order.

Børge Christensen becomes CEO

Later the same year, the engineering and trading company Børge Christensen & Hans Hansen is formed with Børge Christensen as CEO.

First trials of pallet shrink hooding machine

The initial trials and construction of a pallet shrink hooding machine are initiated, and Børge Christensen is employed at Hans Hansen Engineering.

Hans Hansen Engineering is formed

Hans Hansen develops a unique packing system for Höganäs AB in Sweden under the name, Hans Hansen Engineering in Hillerød.

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