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Job at CH System

CH System is one of the leading specialists in advanced packaging and handling systems and we build tailor-made machines for packing, stacking, palletizing, marking, etc. We are always looking for skilled new colleges to help us grow.

Why should you work for us?

Because, at CH System we value a good dynamic and informal working environment, characterized by a good tone, and committed and competent colleagues with the possibility of personal and professional development.

We are often busy and cannot always predict how a day will go, therefore we value a work environment where we help each other to ensure we reach the common goal. We hope you will consider joining our team.


We have all the know-how in house, and we hire within a wide range of professionals.

Such as:

  • Black smiths
  • Electricians
  • PLC programmers
  • IT people
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Draftsmen
  • Project managers
  • Accountants
  • Quality managers
  • Purchasers
  • Warehouse managers
  • Sales & marketing
  • And many more…


Great benefits

To ensure a great and stable work environment, we among other things offer our employees’ health insurance, affordable canteen, free fruit, and flexible working hours etc.

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Don´t just take our word for it!

– Listen to our employees and why they enjoy working here at CH System.

We have employees who have celebrated their 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, and even 50 years work anniversary.

And if you want to know the secret behind 50 years of employment, meet Poul in our first video. Poul will give you four tips on getting a meaningful work life you can enjoy for many years.


Achieve your full potential.

Janus joined our team at CH System a little over two years ago as an apprentice in Mechanical Design. He is now employed as a Technical Designer while studying to become a Production Technologist.

“One thing that sets CH System apart is the supportive and collaborative work culture.
We have a great balance of professionalism and fun, and I’m incredibly grateful for my colleagues and the strong bond we’ve formed”.

“I can tell you from personal experience that the company will meet you with the same welcoming and positive attitude as you give them.”


Meet Charlotte, our Shipping Coordinator.

Charlotte takes pride in every solution we send out.
Her attention to detail ensures our customers always get the best.

“I’m here not just because of the job but because every shipment tells a story.
When I ensure our shipment gets to a customer on time and in top condition, I feel like I’m delivering a piece of our commitment and love.”

What fuels this passion?

A team that cares about one another!
Every day, I’m surrounded by colleagues who cheer each other on, even on the rough days 🎉👏

Together, we create a positive and uplifting work environment. 🎉👏


Protection of personal data (GDPR) in our recruitment process


When you apply for a vacancy or apply unsolicited at C&H System A/S, please note that we as a datacontroller register and collect information about you. The purpose of collecting personal data about you in the recruitment process is to assess whether you are a qualified candidate for a vacancy at C&H System A/S.

Because we register your information electronically, you have some rights that will be more detailed described.


The personal data that you provide in connection with your job application and further progress will only be stored and used for recruitment purposes and possible employment.

Personal data is collected and stored by:

C&H System A/S


4700 Næstved

CVR 13879206

If you have any questions about the handling of your personal data in connection with recruitment, please write to Mia Weinreich at


Receipt of applications

For the sake of the secure processing of personal data, we prefer that all applications be sent to the recruitment agency chosen for the specific position or by mail to

If the application has been sent to the recruitment agency, your data will also be processed in accordance with GDPR rules.


In the recruitment process, it is primarily the personal data that appears in your application, your CV and other documents that are registered. The information we get is not used for any purpose other than recruitment. This means that your personal data does not pass on to a third part and is only circulated within the company between relevant employees.


When receiving unsolicited applications, they are reviewed to ensure that you have the right qualifications in relation to the position you are applying for. We will store your information until we have evaluated your application.

If you have given us consent, we will store the application in our system for 6 months before all the data registered around you is deleted. If your application is rejected, the stored data about you will be deleted as soon as possible.

Upon receipt of applications that are not digital, we will scan your application and put it into our computer system, after which the physical application will be shredded. The scanned application is saved and then processed on an equal footing with the digital applications.


The type of personal data

This will typically be the following information we store:

Name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address, education(s), career history, recommendations/references, etc. This is typically the personal data that you have forwarded to us for the purpose of being hired.

At the interview

In connection with the employment interview, we can note additional information about you. This information is only used in connection with the further recruitment process and only the information relevant to the recruitment process is used, when assessing whether you should be offered a position.


Personality test

In rare cases and in connection with the recruitment process, we can use personality tests. However, these tests require your consent. The test is typically conducted between the first and second interview. The purpose of the test is to illuminate your personal qualification so that we have a starting point for a dialogue about your personal resources, strengths, and development areas. The test is always provided by external test provider, who processes information about you on our behalf, cf. a data processor agreement. The test will never standalone but is a part of the overall basis for selecting the right candidate.


More information

If your qualifications match a possible position with us, we may, in individual situations, contact you to ask for consent to obtain contact information from one or more of your former employers.

If we get your consent, we will contact your former employers and we will then evaluate whether you are going to an interview with us. The information we get from your former employer(s) is noted and used in the recruitment process. You can always be informed about the content of the reference if you wish. Your consent to obtain references may be withdrawn at any time.

To do this, contact us on or call +45 55 74 00 00.

Withdrawing your consent will not take effect until that date. Therefore, it does not affect the legality of our processing the information up to the time when you withdraw your consent.

We may also seek further information about the applicant or the applicants we deem best qualified by social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. but only in relevant extent. We may also ask you to send us some more information yourself.


The further course of events

Applicants who have been interviewed receive aswers either by email or by telephone. If you are hired by us, the information we have received and processed in connection with the recruitment process will be stored in our systems in accordance with our guidelines.

In this case, you will be informed about our “processing of employees’ personaldata” in our quality management program.

If your application is rejected, we will delete the information that we have received and processed in connection with the recruitment as soon as possible – and as a rule within 6 months of you received the rejection.

If there are special circumstances that allow us to have a common interest in saving your application for a longer period, we would like to save your application after rejection, and we will ask for a written consent and normally store your information for 6 months after your consent.



According to the Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act, you have some rights in connection with our processing of your application and your personal data.

CH System is your Reliable Partner in Material Handling, Worldwide.


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